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Compatibility of f/m steels with the lead-bismuth eutectic coolant

Heavy metal liquids such as lead or lead-bismuth alloys are considered as promising coolants for future nuclear reactors due their thermodynamic properties and their inherent safety. A major factor, beside the good physical properties, is the compatibility of structural materials and coolant. For structural materials in liquid lead-bismuth environment corrosion and possible degradation of mechanical properties are among the most crucial degradation mechanisms. In order to determine the influence of liquid metals on the mechanical properties of candidate materials for future reactors unique test setups have been built at SCK•CEN. During this master thesis the student should learn how to operate these setups and properly analyze the gained results. Several ferritic/martensitic steels should be tested and analyzed. Microstructural investigations via optical light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy will be conducted to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying damage mechanisms.


During this work tensile tests, fracture toughness tests and fractography on f/m steels in different environments (lead-bismuth eutectic, ArH2) will be conducted. These tests will be complemented by microstructural investigations of the materials and by SEM analysis of the fracture surfaces. The major topics will be:

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